In today’s world characterized with global political instability and fluctuations in values of currencies, it is very important to think about protecting and preserving your property and investments in a safe harbor. Forming a foreign (offshore) company can help you achieve that.

Additionally, forming a foreign (offshore) company can be part of your tax planning strategy.

Doing business by using companies formed in areas which are considered „tax havens“ (because they are offering low or zero tax) can help you decrease expenses paid as tax, at the same time protecting and preserving your property in a safe harbor.

Today, around 45-50 different tax havens exist all over the world. Every area offers differentiated types of companies & low cost of forming and maintaining such companies.

In the past, the most popular countries for forming offshore companies were USA and British Virgin Islands. In these countries, the incorporation procedures are very simple, there is no need to have a large starting capital and it is very easy to run and maintain such companies.

Starting price for formation a company in the USA in the States of Delaware or Wyoming is only 590 US$.

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